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And The Lovers is a great card to use as a focus for this moon cycle, or even this new astrological year! Those are good enough questions for me to ponder on.

Questions and answer searching is for me than anything else. Balance has been on my mind a lot lately. Especially with scheduling my new blog, and setting time aside for writing, hiking, and streaming gaming so maybe this is a good thing for me right now. I love watching the moon but have never thought of setting intentions when looking at the full moon. Intentions are set at the new moon. Ah thanks for clarifying. I need to get a calendar to mark this out. This truly spoke to me, I think I could almost believe I was meant to read this on this day, right in this moment.

I went to a workshop on Sunday about getting more in touch with living in alignment with our soul and listening to ourselves and asking the universe, or our guide for signs.

What are Leos Like?

I feel like reading this tapped into so much of what I am feeling now and questioning my direction and purpose. So glad you shared this ABloggingGoodTime. Oh, then it is perfect time for you, indeed! Skip to content. No problem! Here are some questions to reflect on instead: 1. Like what you read?

Share it! Like this: Like Loading Posted in Moon by Moon. Thank you for this post. As such, people can rely on you to make sober decisions. Your intelligence is augmented by a sharp temper. You are a visionary.

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Your greatest desire is to save the world. Fortunately, you possess the resources to implement most of your ideas. People like the fact that you are observant. They rely on you to carry out the right analyses of situations in your society. When you come across something that interests you, you can remain focused for long periods. For this reason, you tend to do very well in the careers and sports that take your fancy. However, you have a few cracks in your personality.

Urgently mend them so that you can soar to loftier heights. For example, you are too hasty in decision-making. Granted, this stems from your desire to provide your community with quick solutions.

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But, like we always say, hurry, hurry has no blessing. Take time to study the circumstances before you judge! Also, you are quite tactless when it comes to conflict resolution. You take offense when people do not wish to follow your way. Understand that life is all about tolerance. Be a bit more accommodating. All in all, you are that voice that brings hope in the wilderness. You are a charismatic person. Ensure that you champion only that which is right. March 27 zodiac people are in the 1st decan of Aries.

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This decan belongs to those born between March 21 and March The planet Mars supervises this decan. As such, you exhibit the more outstanding qualities of this celestial body. You are creative, passionate, and outgoing. In other words, you possess the stronger characteristics of Aries. There is no debate about your courage.

Nonetheless, you are very respectful as you go about presenting your points. At the same time, you demand that people treat you as you treat them. You will not settle for anything less! You are able to divorce your ideas from your emotions. Mind you, very few people are capable of this.

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  7. Most people believe that an attack on their ideas is an attack on their persons. The stars indicate that your birthday stands for responsibility, generosity, independence, innovation, and perseverance. Remember too that whom much is given, much is expected! You can excel in corporate jobs. You fit in very well in academic discourses, policymaking, and formulation of theories. You can put your talent to good use as a unionist. While this will create many enemies for you, people will respect you.

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    This is because you actually do what they can only dream about. You play this role very well. As such, it is your golden ticket to rapid promotions. Run with it! Teal is the magic color of people born on March This color is unique and good to look at. This reflects your personality.

    Leo♌ Lovers March 2018 Psychic Forecast "Passionate Lovers"

    You have peculiar views. This has earned you quite a following! Read and be enlightened! Love and Compatibility for March 27 Zodiac March 27 lovers are passionate and consistent. What are the Traits of a Person Born on March 27? Your Career Horoscope You can excel in corporate jobs. Final Thought… Teal is the magic color of people born on March Sharing is caring!