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I tell you this, Taurus, because the coming months will be an excellent time to do that banishing. Ramp up your efforts NOW! He quickly amended that statement, though, mourning, "The only thing that could spoil a day was people. CANCER June 21—July 22 : It's time to prove that Cancerians have more to offer than nurturing, empathizing, softening the edges, feeling deeply, getting comfortable, and being creative. Not that there's anything wrong with those talents. On the contrary! They're beautiful and necessary.

It's just that for now you need to avoid being pigeonholed as a gentle, sensitive soul. To gather the goodies that are potentially available to you, you'll have to be more forthright and aggressive than usual. Is it possible for you to wield a commanding presence?

Can you add a big dose of willfulness and a pinch of ferocity to your self-presentation?

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Yes and yes! It wasn't commercially successful. One critic said it looked like "an angry kitchen appliance," and many others agreed it was exceptionally unstylish. The show's protagonist, Walter White, owned one, and that motivated some of his fans to emulate his taste in cars. In accordance with astrological omens, Leo, I suspect that something of yours may also enjoy a second life sometime soon. An offering that didn't get much appreciation the first time around may undergo a resurgence. Help it do so. She's referring to the hunger "for anything, for food, sex, power, education, even love.

We are supposed to be objects of desire, not desiring beings. That's more true if you're a woman, but also important if you're a man or another gender. In fact, I celebrate them. Keep going! You'll be better off without those decaying constraints. Soon you'll begin using all the energy you have liberated and the spaciousness you have made available. But I do have one concern: I wonder if part of you is worried that you have been too bold and have gone too far. To that part of you I say: No! You haven't been too bold. You haven't gone too far.

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I'd love for you be released from the karma of your history so that you no longer have to repeat old patterns or feel weighed down by what happened to you once upon a time. I'd love for you to no longer have to answer to decayed traditions and outmoded commitments and lost causes. I'd love for you to escape the pull of memories that tend to drag you back toward things that can't be changed and don't matter anymore.

Desire skews plans and sets forth unthought-of possibilities. The other half of the truth is that desire can also be a profoundly healing and rejuvenating force, and for the same reasons: It rearranges what we think we want, alters plans, and unleashes unthought-of possibilities. How does all this relate to you? From what I can tell, you are now on the cusp of desire's two overlapping powers.

What happens next could be upsetting or healing, disorienting or rejuvenating. If you'd like to emphasize the healing and rejuvenating, I suggest you treat desire as a sacred gift and a blessing. Is it true for you? Ellen added the following thoughts: So much of what we learn about love is taught by people who were too narcissistic or wounded to be able to love very well, and by people who didn't have many listening skills and therefore didn't know enough about us to love us for who we really are, and by people who love themselves poorly and so of course find it hard to love anyone else.

More people are tuning in to what you have to offer. And yet your stress levels also seem to be increasing. Why is that? Do you assume that having more power requires you to endure higher tension? Do you unconsciously believe that being more worried is the price of being more responsible? If so, banish that nonsense. The truth is this: The best way to manage your growing clout is to relax into it.

The best way to express your growing clout is to relax into it.

Freewill Astrology: April 4 - April 11 - Weld: Birmingham's Newspaper

The immediate future will challenge you to revisit several fundamental Scorpio struggles. For best results, welcome these seeming intrusions as blessings and opportunities, and follow these guidelines: 1. Your control over external circumstances will increase in direct proportion to your control over your inner demons. So rejoice in their oracular radiance.

Rob Brezsny’s Astrology August 7-13

Second, if you have fantasized about getting help to address a seemingly irremediable problem, asking aggressively for that help now will lead to at least a partial fix. Deep sleep? Pleasurable exercise and movement? Take an oath to treat them as holy treasures. Boost your determination and ability to get all you need of their blessings.

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The coming weeks will be a favorable time to enhance your appreciation of the fundamentals you sometimes take for granted. In her early career, she earned writing degrees at placid universities near her childhood home in the American Midwest. Her first book mined material about her family; its first poem is addressed to her grandmother.

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Later, she lived and wrote in Lebanon at the height of its political strife. Her drive to expand her range of experience invigorated her poetry and widened her audience. Buy or make yourself a present that encourages you to be more generous.