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Dig deeper. Their emotions appear much more aggressive than a Leo or Sagittarius moon. Kind of a cold relationship. This could change depending on other placements and aspects. You know what you want, and you know how to say no.

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  5. After all, Taurus is a fixed sign. Could be hard to let go. To me, mutable signs in general can be confusing and hard to grasp because they are and can be so changeable and fluid. Helping others with flourishing their creativity will help you heal.

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    It will grow you as a person. Very difficult in childhood but can be mastered into adulthood. Libra taught me how to feel peace in chaotic places and that life can be as soft as spring if you let it. Scorpio taught me how to feel so deeply within my bones and how to leave a kiss not a single person could forget.

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    Capricorn taught me how to be brave and that trees are not less beautiful even when they have fallen. Pisces taught me how to create never before seen colors and how to rest my head and not feel alone. Lilith in 11th house you will probs be attracting other ppl from your past lives, lilith in 4th house means you could have had a family member in your previous family too.

    The house is a really good example on how you express yourself too. They may also have lots of different clothing styles rather than just one.

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    Jupiter in 1st House: Very large presence, can always be the center of attention in a crowd, could have a large ego, due to their larger than life attitude Rihanna has this, could explain the confidence she has in herself and who she is. Jupiter in 2nd House : A wealth indicator. These people will always be blessed with money or material possessions.

    Could be prone to spending a lot. Jupiter in 3rd House: The type to lead a conversation. Very humorous, but might seem egotistical to some. They might bring themselves as the topic of the conversation quite often. Can have a hard time being realistic, because they are always positive and see the good side. Their home atmosphere has always been good and supportive. Very emotional, but their emotions have always been taken care of.

    Jupiter in 5th House: Creativity on another level. Could bring a very spiritual side to their hobbies and the way they express themselves. Always interested in learning about art from different culture. Jupiter in 6th House: The type to always be grateful and happy in their workplace.

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    They are a pleasure to work with. The ones that would try diets from another country or martial arts. Jupiter in 7th House : A good placement for teachers. They always try to influence others in a positive way or teach them something. Could have a lot of relationships in their lifetime, which they learn from. Jupiter in 8th House : Very sexually curious, always ready to explore more.

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    A man with this placement is very likely to have a large penis. This placement could also indicate a large inheritance or a wealthy spouse. A student of the world. Will be thirtsy for more and more knowledge. Jupiter in 10th House : These people will always know that they have a great purpose on this Earth.

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    They will be very lucky career-wise even if they go through many of them. They will never do something unless it makes them happy. Jupiter in 11th House : They love large groups or to be surrounded by people that can teach them something. Being around people will make them happy. Jupiter in 12th House : Growth through exploring their most sensitive and hidden side. Self-discovery will help them understand everything else.

    Seeking people who inspire you, meditation, the endless curiosity is the answer. Our 11th house rules friends, groups and communities. Planets and signs there show how you are in front of your friends and in a group. It also show the kind of friends do you feel attracted to! Originally posted by slightdownpour. These people seek reckless friends, the ones that will understand them. You know they love you when they lend you money or share with you some of their things i. Keep the same friends and enemies from 2nd grade.

    These people seek for someone who listen to them and help them to grow intelectually.

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    Also this people is the kind that keep friends from childhood and make scrapbooks of your friendship. These people seek sensitive people and ,unconsciously, friends that will let them show their natural nurture skills. People with this placements could be leaders or want to be one. They like to do your makeup and gossip with you. See you cry makes them cry. Tend to talk over you, then apologize about it, and do it again.

    Also they like presents and cheesy letters, probably a lot of kissing and hugs. These people seek devoted and optimistic friends. These people seek intelligent and calm people who will help them as much as they help other people. People with this placement tend to be popular or well-liked by most people they meet. In fact, these people loves to talk about art and have their exclusve group of friends.

    They apprecite harmony in their relationships. These people seek for comforting relationships and constant mental stimulation. This people keep secrets from everyone. After all, they know everything about you, too. On the good side, they give the best gifts.

    Taurus Mid August 2019: An Unexpected Flame Taurus ❤

    They could rant of politics and animal rights for hours, and tend to stick their foot in their mouth when trying to tell you that you mean a lot to them.