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Your temper tends to alter the reputation you work so hard to develop. If you are born today on January 8, you will have to make adjustments according to those changes that occur. Some unexpected turn of events takes your life out of order making it difficult for things to turn out as you planned. It would help if you were practical when it comes to attaining your petitions.

Also, examine what went wrong so that you can plan better for future activity. January 8 Chinese Zodiac Ox. Your Ruling planet is Saturn that stands for our fears and apprehensions that we may face in life. Your Birthday Tarot Card is Strength. This card represents strength and determination to achieve your goals.

You are most compatible with people born under Taurus : A reliable and stable relationship between two earth signs though there might be few differences. You are not compatible with people born under Gemini : This match can be a very rocky one due to unwanted misunderstandings.

Number 8 — This number stands for a balance of the material and spiritual world, ambition, and power. Number 9 — This is a very rational number and represents global consciousness. Green : Flexible thinking and adaptable to all situations. Rose : Signifies that you are gentle, loving and believe in spreading harmony.

Saturday — This is the day of Saturn and stands for hard work, determination, dedication, and stability. Formal dinner jackets or bow ties for men and expensive ethnic jewelry for women. Saturn asks us to take some time off so we can recover and reconnect.

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Go to bed early if you can. Retreat to your quiet place. Even if you just sit quietly and close your eyes. Jupiter and Neptune combine air and fire to combust and create a back draft or a blow back into the karma of the matter.

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So write your social security number on your thigh or bake a casserole as we are moving forward, ready or not. We have a series of LONG void moons as so many planets are the beginning of the signs. Mars will enter Aries before the Moon does so he operates without any controls as the Moon is resting, eating bon-bons and watching him go wild, simply wild as Mars triggers the world axis, eclipse degrees, the tsunami degree and the initial explosions of the nuclear power plant.

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Mars without rules in his fall at a highly unstable degree makes about to breach out of the ocean like a whale driving to shore is a scary thought. Venus realizes she has lost her ability to connect and control in the ways she is used to….

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Mars is square to Hades and the Sun is semi square to Admetos indicating things fail and end. It is the end of the road. The next few days are profound days of endings as the lack of supervision of Mars and the other planets by the Moon marks release, release, release. Neptune at his last degrees is all about release, release, release. Let the changes flow over your being and release into the cosmos, the earth, the ethers the things you no longer need.

You might as well turn off your computer and head for home…. Venus semi squares Eris so the energy is not a happy one with a bit of discord in the air from the feminine. Take the energy to clear out and clean out and release. Neptune is so hovering at the point of his release as the whole world waits and watches. Wait and watch. Mars pushes on Neptune and slowly, slowly, like in slow motion, a cascade of event takes place and tips us, gently, then faster and faster, swirling into the depths of the ocean, the insides of our passions, the heart of our being.

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What is your life for if not for moments like this? Alive and so enervated. Alive and so tremulous. Celebrate your life. And suddenly we are in a new reality. The Lord of War is in his favorite sign, the martial, military sign of action taking fire. Venus hugs Mars as he heads out to battle. Moon enters Aries and emotionally we are all action taking Indian scouts and people who plan ahead. Neptune at the last degrees and minutes of his journey in Aquarius kick starts a change in your home and hearth.

The time of Aquarian dreams is finished. Chiron and Jupiter both aspect Astraea suggesting vast illnesses spreading rapidly. Vesta opens her home up to groups and connections with friends.

Pluto has reached the degree of his station next week so he simply smiles at Venus and shakes his head, sadly, the answer will have to be no. Venus then turns to Saturn and Zeus riding together at 13 Libra and has an aspect of brilliance with them.

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Well, if Pluto says no, maybe Zeus and Saturn can work with her to show the consequences of the actions taken. Pay attention to what surfaces today. Sun is sesquiquadrate Hygeia suggesting stress and action steps that must be taken around health and life or death matters. Ah the dreams and hopes and desires are dancing.

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The New Moon is opposite Saturn and Zeus offering us several powerful oppositions that push us off into a new reality today. After today, it will all feel different. A new world will be born. Similar to giving birth to a child, we, as humans, are giving birth to ourselves.

Mars joins with Uranus at pm EDT so watch for explosions around that time. Venus works in an aspect of brilliance with the Nodes of Destiny so we see the world in an entirely different way than we did yesterday. Venus gazes into hell and turns her face.

Structures fail and collapse before our eyes. We just had a once in a life time kind of day. Something mighty big is blowing up next week. That all sounds very much like the nuclear power plant in Japan blowing up. However, as Uranus is involved and I know he loves to play tricks it could show up, in that order, in other places. Some possible places: Earthquakes taking place in the Ring of Fire. The aspects are back to trigger that second eruption that never happened. Something big.

As a result, your personal agenda is the calendar year of days and the solar year often misinterpreted. You are bound to give her a gift. As you listen to their problems, instinct tells you what they need to do to achieve the best possible results.

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However, you are extremely sensitive. If your efforts do not elicit the response you expect, you have a tendency to become discouraged. In an intimate relationship, you make a loyal, loving, giving partner. Prayers were right in.