Astrology february 5 eclipse

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February 5th Birthday Horoscope

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    So what I find to be so very fascinating is that this coming eclipse is like a paintbrush passing through the area of the world known as Sundaland, that was all above water during the time that miles of ice encased the northern hemisphere in a long, long ice age. It was here that civilization, megalithic technology, a globe spanning seafaring capacity, and domesticated animal husbandry and agriculture arose, relatively untouched, at the equator, by the last ice age. How can we interpret the Total Eclipses?


    There are so many different views of this in the astrological community with not a lot of consensus. Should we use the Sabian symbol of the eclipse degree? If so, which Sabian system? Should we use the degree of the eclipse before or closest to our birth? And most importantly, how long would the effect of an eclipse last? And what is the essential difference between being in the direct pathway, or just having a similar degree but not being in the path? I am not sure, and welcome feedback on these issues, as additional research to add to our understanding within the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm.

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    • However, I do feel intuitively that the region of the Earth spotlighted by the actual path of totality is extremely important. And this upcoming eclipse screams out the word Sundaland. Consider, that in more recent history, the eclipse in the same Saros , in , crossed over nearly the same area.

      February 5 Birthday Horoscope

      And even over the same city, Palu. Could it remind us of events that took place in South Asia at that time? For example, the attempt of Sukarno to create a greater Indonesia covering the entire area of ancient Sundaland?

      This was also the time frame of the rise of Marcos of the Philippines, the Cuban missile crisis, and JFK as president with the rise of the Vietnam War. Malaysia is now at the center of the world financial crisis. According to professor Santos, the original prime meridian of the Earth lay between Mount Agung on Bali and Mount Ranjani on Lombok, guarding the Lombok Strait also known as the Wallace Line, separating regions of plant and animal diversity.

      This was the original Pillars of Hercules , leading directly into the heartland of Atlantis. After the sinking of Sundaland Atlantis , the prime meridian shifted to the Giza Meridian, only being replaced by Greenwich due to the political shenanigans taking place between the French and the British in During the eclipse of February 5, our same Saros , an extremely rare grand conjunction of the 5 classical visible planets occurred with all 5 plus the Sun and Moon within 16 degrees of each other in the sign of Aquarius, this configuration being one of the most unusual and striking configurations of the last years.

      Many writers at the time considered this to be the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

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